Seeking new voice lines, looking to upgrade to the latest technology or simply needing a system that will work with the NBN?  1Cloud has all your Voice requirements and solutions covered, making it a simple one-stop-shop!

Hosted Virtual PBX

The all-in-one Business phone system with advanced features and low cost calls!

The 1Cloud HPBX is a monthly licensed service which replaces the traditional, and out dated onsite analogue PBX systems.  That means less upfront cost, allowing you to keep capital expenditure for other needs.  What’s more, you can increase or decrease licenses as and when you need for simple scalability.  Combined with free calls between offices on the same system, and significantly cheaper call rates, your business will be sure to benefit from ongoing savings.

Unlike traditional PBXs, maintenance and system changes are easily managed by our technical team online, and can be completed in minutes, not hours or days.  No costs for ongoing monthly maintenance agreements, no waiting for technicians to attend your premise.

1Cloud HPBX system offers all the advanced features you would expect from a traditional PBX, and a whole lot more!

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SIP Trunk Lines

1Cloud’s SIP Trunk business grade IP voice lines allow you to deploy IP telephony using your existing IP enabled phone system.  With SIP Trunking in place of traditional copper landlines, you can future-proof your onsite PBX phone system, minimize or avoid additional capital costs and reduce office phone costs.

SIP Trunks provide the quality and reliability of traditional lines, only at a fraction of the cost.  With our SIP Trunks and a licensed SIP card installed to your PBX, your existing phone system is able to deliver voice calls via your internet connection.  Say goodbye to the traditional and expensive PSTN or ISDN lines that you have been using in the past.

1Clouds SIP Trunk lines are interoperable with most major on-site analogue and IP PBX phone systems.  We will work closely with your own PBX phone system technician to ensure you are up and running with ease.

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1Cloud VoiceRamp

For larger businesses, the traditional ISDN 10/20/30+ services restricted your channel (line) and call capacity, forcing you to pay more as your business grew and offered no flexibility. However, our VoiceRamp service is different.  You get unmetered inbound call minutes, low cost outbound call rates and up to as many SIP trunk channels as your internet bandwidth can handle.

VoiceRamp is compatible with most major PBX system brands, plus you can continue to use your existing office handsets, and easily Port (transfer) your existing phone numbers.

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1300/1800 Inbound

1300 & 1800 Inbound and toll-free numbers are a great low-cost way to present your business professionally.

Help your business professionally and stand out with a unique national number, including ‘phone word’ or SMART Numbers. No more issues with office relocations and losing your main advertised number.  Improve marketing and have the advantage of appearing bigger and more geographically dispersed than your business may actually be.

1300 numbers allow interstate and mobile callers to reach you for the small cost of a local call.  Ideal for marketing campaigns.

1800 numbers are ‘toll free’ for Australian callers.  Perfect for courtesy phone services like customer service and support lines.

BYO Numbers.  Enjoy low 1300 and 1800 call rates when you either activate a SMART Number or transfer numbers from another provider to 1Cloud.

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Business PABX Phone Systems

Whilst 1Cloud offers the latest in Hosted Virtual PBX technology as a future proof solution, we often have business customers seeking to upgrade their existing Onsite PABX phone systems for use with SIP Trunk lines or requiring technicians to service or reprogram their existing system.

1Cloud partners with a number of professional Onsite PABX system technicians across Australia who supply and support are the major brands such as Toshiba, Ericsson-LG iPECS, and Samsung.  Where an existing or new customer of 1Cloud has one of these systems and requires assistance, rest assured we have the expertise at hand to assist.

Please note, we are not a phone system repair service, and can only provide assistance to clients who already have, or wish to have, their telephony services with 1Cloud.

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