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1Cloud partners with several of the major Network Carriers at a wholesale level, therefore allowing us access to a wide range of business grade internet solutions that can best fit within our customers needs and budgetary requirements.  We don’t peddle just one flavour of internet!

With everything from NBN Broadband classes TC4 asymmetrical and TC2 symmetrical, to EoC Ethernet, SHDSL Fibre Ethernet, Fixed Wireless and Mobile Broadband, we are sure to have a solution available for you.

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Business NBN Plans

Connect your business to the national NBN network with 1Cloud Business NBN solutions.  Choose a data quota, service type and internet speed tier that best suits your particular business needs.

Enjoy the freedom of an unlimited NBN data plan and tier 3 speeds of 1Cloud NBN Standard (TC4) or step up to a true business grade NBN plan with symmetrical upload and download speeds combined with enhanced NBN Co. fault attendance timeframes on our 1Cloud NBN Business (TC2) plans.

Our NBN Standard (TC4) plans have three speed tiers and four data quota options available:

Tier 1 = Maximum* Download speed of 25Mbps and Upload speed of 5Mbps

Tier 2 = Maximum * Download speed of 50Mps and Upload speed of 20Mbps

Tier 3 = Maximum* Download speed of 100Mbps and Upload speed of 40Mbps

& then choose from either 250GB, 500GB, 1000GB or an Unlimited Monthly Data allowance quota.

For NBN Business (TC2) plans and SLA’s, please contact us for more information

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1Cloud Voice & Data has access to all the NBN Co. delivery technology types including FTTP (Fibre-to-the-Premise), FTTN (Fibre-to-the-Node), FTTB (Fibre-to-the-Building), FTTC (Fibre-to-the-Curb), HFC (Hybrid-Fibre-Coaxial) and NBN Fixed Wireless and NBN’s SkyMuster Satellite.

Several members of our technical team have achieved the NBN Co’s ‘Accredited NBN ICT Advisor’ status and are fully conversant with and remain up to date with what is occurring in the NBN network environment.

If the NBN is currently not available in your area (we can check this for you), then simply pick a 1Cloud ADSL plan in the interim, and your business will be automatically transitioned to the NBN when it becomes available. 

Get a free standard NBN-Wifi router and free setup when you sign up with 1Cloud for NBN, or discuss options for an NBN compatible router with an onboard 3G/4G SIM auto fail-over and have peace of mind of business continuity.

Let the NBN business professionals guide you on the best options! 

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*Please refer to our Policies page for more information on the possible speeds achievable on NBN Standard TC4 & NBN Business TC2 services.

EoC Ethernet

EoC or Ethernet Over Copper services provide business grade symmetrical upload and download speeds combined with an unlimited data allowance, ensuring that you’re equipped for digital business.

Our EFM (Ethernet First Mile) and MBE (Mid Band Ethernet) services, are delivered over multiple copper ULL pairs to the carrier’s Network Termination Device (NTD) that is installed to your premise.

Depending upon the actual copper cable distance from your premises, back to the local telephone Exchange, the symmetrical bandwidth speeds available may vary from anywhere between 4Mbps and 100Mbps.  The contention ratio, and therefore potential for congestion, is far less possible on this technology type than what you may experience on the NBN Standard services.

With the gradual passing out of copper-based services, due to the NBN network roll-out, we can recommend suitable business grade Fibre Ethernet SHDLS services to replace any existing EoC service once a site receives a pending disconnection notice. 

Be aware though, that your NBN ‘Standard’ TC4 type services, whilst they are cheaper, are not a true business grade service and you should speak with a business internet specialist before signing up and contractually committing to any services.

So give us a call, or contact us now and let us give you the professional advice you need!

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Fibre SHDSL Ethernet

The commercial advantages of Ethernet vary with the service delivery method. Copper-based Ethernet is often quicker to install and more affordable to setup and operate and can provide mid-range data speeds. However Fibre EA, Fibre400 and Fibre1000 type Ethernet services all offer superior speed, scalability and assurance of the interoperability with modern services. 

Ethernet is an enterprise-grade broadband internet technology. It provides robust, high-speed data connectivity to cope with data-intensive applications such as, operating multiple IP Voice lines, VPN’s, web hosting, and LAN connectivity.  Symmetrical speed can increase the performance of data hungry services like IP communications, remote server access and enterprise file sharing, and the forever increasing cloud based applications used in every day businesses.

1Cloud can conduct service qualification checks with their multi-carrier networks and advise you of what service types may be available to your premise (manly metropolitan areas), or potential premise if looking to relocate, and advise of all the costs and requirements involved.

By choosing 1Cloud to deliver your business Ethernet you get a competitive data connectivity solution backed by exceptional customer service.

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Fixed Wireless Internet

1Cloud has access to two of the major fixed wireless broadband network carriers providing best in class services with coverage in all major centres and supplying bandwidths from 1Mbps to Gbps.

Providing a broad variety of symmetric Ethernet internet speeds, with very low latencies and options for varying monthly data allowances including unlimited data plans, fixed wireless ethernet is a perfect choice for business.

Our fixed wireless carrier’s network is largely independent of the major carriers and completely independent of Telstra Wholesale’s network.  So in the event that those carriers have a network failure, our fixed wireless service will keep your business operational.  This makes a fixed wireless service a perfect solution for business redundancy connection.  It is also a perfect solution for those locations that are not serviceable by copper or Fibre ethernet services, or locations that suffer from limited bandwidth and network congestion.

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Internet Backup/Redundancy

Minimise the risk and impact to your business when internet outages occur!

Internet and IP telephony are vital for all businesses, and despite rapid advances in modern technology, unplanned internet outages and network issues, whilst not frequent, are a fact of life.  It’s not a matter of if, but when your business may experience an interruption to your primary internet connection, regardless of who your provider may be.

Consider protecting your business communications against internet drop outs, authentication error and unplanned service interruptions.  1Cloud’s Business Continuity solutions utilise business grade routers that connect either a 4G internet or Fixed Wireless internet service (or both) as the always active redundant link.  These premium routers automatically detect the outage on your primary internet link and fall back to the redundant link, enabling seamless business continuity.

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